What Is The 300 Dollar Team

The 300 Dollar Team is a unique team build for the 300 Dollar Solution Business. Check out the details below:

Small 3x4 Matrix

A 3x4 matrix has only 120 members that can earn you $300 each and every month once it is completely filled.

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Affordable For Everyone

The cost to get started in the 300 Dollar Solution is only $20.00 per month. The opportunity is affordable worldwide.

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100% Matching Bonuses

The most important part, 100% matching bonuses. This means you will earn 100% of your direct referrals matrix earnings.

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How It Works

We have designed a unique team build where you can both promote for personal referrals and earn from our team rotator.

You Want To Join Our Team

Once you join our Team, you will immediately be able to join under the member who lead you directly to this page.

Once you upgrade under your sponsor directly after your join, you will then submit your new username to our rotator. We have millions of credits across hundreds of money making websites where we will promote our rotator link that will include YOUR PERSONAL REFERRAL Link.

The Time to Join Is Now!

Why Choose Us

25 Years of Experience

This team build is coming from two experience marketers and admins, Dustin Langley and Frank Hester. We are here to help you build your 3x4 matrix with our experience and advertising methods.

Unique Rotator for All Team Members

Once you upgrade under the person who sent you here, you will then be able to submit your 300 Dollar Solution username to our unique rotator. We will advertising this link on hundreds of marketing sites to help build your team.

Custom Marketing Pages

By joining our 300 Dollar Team, you will also receive access to our marketing pages, banners and capture pages. One of the best ways to convert new members is to have unique advertising media created directly for the offer you're promoting.

Easy Building

Although we do provide the rotator for members to receive 3 direct referrals, our system is also open to members referring to this team and gaining their 3 referrals on their own personal merits. This is as always the fastest way to start earning with any program.

Member Testimonials

Earnings Disclaimer:

Earnings are implied but not guaranteed. No purchases are made within the 300 Dollar Team.